Work With Me

Bad news I’m afraid … if you’re wanting to visit a therapist with the aim of said therapist “making” you feel better by “doing” something to you, I’m not the therapist for you.  I work WITH you, your role is just as important, you are very much an integral part of your own well-being, but don’t worry, I will guide you every step of the way. 

I offer a truly holistic approach in my therapy, i.e. addressing all aspects of a person; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and my training enables me to deal with any reactions. 

Whilst “hands-on” bodywork is the bulk of my therapy, I offer you a safe place within which to discuss and explore, to experience authenticity in your being, whether that’s physical, emotional or mental, rather than having to maintain the facade you show to the outside world.  This requires courage and trust from you in order for you to be honest with yourself.

It is through the body that the mind and the emotions can be released.  I work in a very calm manner where people can explore these concepts for themselves through a combination of bodywork, counselling, diet, exercise and meditation.

Currently I help, predominately women, with a variety of issues and conditions ranging from feeling “flat & lack-lustre”, insomnia, stress and holding tension in the musculature, through to much more serious pathologies such as Parkinson’s, muscular sclerosis, COPD, and cancer.  

Shiatsu is known for its ability to reduce stress and tension, support healthy sleep patterns, alleviate pain, improve circulation and boost the immune system, and involves aspects of acupressure, and a long list of other oriental practises, and it does not hurt, in fact, it should be quite relaxing. 

At the end of most bodywork sessions, I offer a couple of exercises for you to implement to progress you further, and if relevant, I will discuss and take you through various breathing exercises and meditation techniques.  We may also discuss diet if it’s appropriate and relevant to your situation.   

The reason I offer so many avenues in my therapy is simply because you are more than just a physical form.  What you put into your body to nourish it, how you think, and how you react all have an impact on your physical body, so to address these is to address any physical manifestation.

I normally practise in the traditional manner, on a floor futon because you can’t fall off the floor, and so can completely relinquish, relax and let go.  However, I also treat standing, sitting or on a couch.  If you feel you may struggle with the floor, we can discuss your requirements before-hand.  The couch is available only in Irchester.  

What To Wear

Shiatsu is a clothed treatment, so comfortable clothes in which you can easily move and stretch in are required.  Gym-style clothing (jogging bottoms & long-sleeved T-shirt) and a pair of socks are perfect.  I will ask you to remove any jewellery, scarves, belts, hoodie or zip-up jacket tops.

Clothing that is not suitable are jeans, tight trousers, belts or tops with front zips, and of course ladies; skirts or dresses.  You can bring the appropriate clothing with you and change here but do remember that your appointment is for a limited period of time.

What Next?

To explore further whether what I can offer would be suitable for you, please click on the button at the bottom of the page, fill in your details, and I will give you a call back and we can have a chat.

Referral Scheme

Word-of-mouth is absolutely the highest form of appreciation that any therapist can receive from someone they are working with.  In gratitude, as well as a massive "thank you", and probably a big hug from a tiny person (that's me btw, not a little person I hired for the job!), I will credit £5 for each person that you refer who has booked and attended a 1-hour appointment with me. 

You can either save these credits up until you have enough for a completely free appointment (for yourself or if you wish to gift it to someone, that's your choice), or you can take them as they are given. 

Please note: they need to tell me that they were referred to me, and by whom ... otherwise I have no idea who to credit.