Reactions & Shifts

A reaction, any reaction to a treatment is a good thing. Mostly, reactions are pleasant, you feel more relaxed, calm, more together, refreshed, re-energised, looser, to name a few "positive" feedbacks. These are all very lovely.

I always ask my clients for feedback after a treatment, I am trying to gauge the level of reaction in the body, whether something has shifted or changed. The worst kind of feedback to "how do you feel?" is alright, good, fine, that was nice. These don't indicate anything to me apart from a profound disconnection between the client and their emotional or physical self; they haven't actually registered how they are feeling. This is something to look in its own right, it is very common to be so "in your head" that you forget "how" to feel, particularly emotionally when we are used to "keeping a lid on it".

If there is no change in the way a client feels post-treatment, it means one of two things:

  1. There has been no change in their inner environment; mental, emotional or physical, which is highly unlikely, or
  2. There is a blockage within their system.

Both of these indicate stagnation, and in my experience normally emotional in origin.

There are however, times when the reaction can be, let's say, a little more challenging. It is not a "bad reaction", it is just a reaction, a shift in energy, and therefore good. A more challenging reaction quite often denotes a challenge to the internal status quo; it knows what it knows and the rest is a scary unknown, so it doesn't want to move forward, it wants to remain the same, in stagnation, particularly if it's been "stuck" for a long period of time. The challenge is then due to a faction of the self that is willing to move forward by releasing previous 'stuckness', and the discord between the two opposing factions results in the manifesting of a "bad reaction" … this is good! It's a starting point, and the "badness" is just your interpretation.  It is basically a resettling period, readjustment to a new equilibrium.

  • You may feel tired after a treatment, lethargy is very normal. I do recommend that clients be kind to themselves for the rest of the day, drink plenty (preferably not the imbibing of alcohol), and not to plan anything too physical or taxing, rest is after all beneficial to any healing process.
  • Headaches and muscle aches are again, very common, you've basically been subjected to a passive work-out, and I can move you around in ways you may not have done so in a while, and you've had a good stretch.
  • Cold/flu-like symptoms can manifest, as well as upset stomachs. This shows that energy has been moved, sometimes, quite dramatically, but you will be fine in a couple of days. You don't actually have a virus, your body is just readjusting to the energetically "new" you.
  • Often, there is an emotional readjustment or release, all absolutely normal. My advice is to find a safe space and go with it, if you feel the need have a damn good cry then let it all out. Anger is sometimes experienced for a short period after a treatment (or even during it), normal … just notice it, don't act on it.

If you are still experiencing post-treatment reactions after a couple of days or so, or you just want some support, then contact your practitioner, they will have experienced your symptoms with other clients, and can counsel and help you, and if need be, offer a quick follow-up treatment to even you out.

If you do experience a "bad reaction" note it as a positive move forward, albeit slightly uncomfortable as quite often a shift in perception triggers a calming of the symptoms. Keep going, accept the support of your practitioner, we are here to help you and it will be so worth it for you in the long-run.

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